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Man Caught In The Buff at NH Cemetary Hey Donald! We Would be Happy With $250,000,000!
Bride's bouquet crashes plane in Italy.
Toronto Dad Brings Kids Along to Drug Deal With Undercover Cop.
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Skit: No Teeth Chucky Podcast News: New Podcast Name! For What It's Worth, News That's Worth Nothing! I'm Getting a Mic This week or Next! News, News: HAPPY SQUARE ROOT DAY!!! Chuck Cheese Mascot Assault!!! Cat Stashed in BOOOOOOOOOOONG. My Lips Are Sealed!!!!! Hey I'm playing this Music so you won't come to my Mall! SPOtE Award: Chicken McNugget Lady. You can win a copy of Fable 1 for Xbox or Sims 2: Castaways fo Nintendo DS!


In this Episode Stay Tuned 'till the end and Win A free copy of Fable 1 for Orginal Xbox!
New Segment: What's Goin' On?
Fugitive Try's to take a test to be a Police Officer.
New Segment: Stupid Person of the Episode or SPoE
A New Post-Star Wars Movie!!!! But it's not in space??? WTH??
Man says 'Hey! I'm a Veteran I get Free M&M's!'
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This is the First Episode And it's mostly about fire...People Chatching themselfs on fire that is. Man Put's himself on fire in London iPhone Flops in the Land of the Rising Sun Girl Chatches herself on fire...Killing Lice. Wal-Mart Employe burns to death. eMail in your news stories to metamorph14@gmail.com